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SEO freelancer in India

Are you searching for an SEO freelancer In India?

There are many individual freelancers and agencies in India that are helping the business grow, and it makes you confused to choose for optimising your site and content. Here we will discuss how the Best SEO freelancer In India can help your business. 

Benefits of Hiring an SEO freelancer expert.

  • SEO experts implement their knowledge and experience to rank your website on google and bring traffic to the sites. 
  • They track the progress with the help of keyword ranking and various aspects of websites like meta descriptions, page speed and links. 
  • They are good at analysing the things working in your industry and about your competitor that helps you make decisions and generate revenue. 
  • With the help of SEO, more traffic will drive, and the conversion rate of leads will be high.
  • Return On Investment is High because with the help of SEO you bring more customers to the table.
  • It will save your time as an SEO expert in India in understanding how to come up with SEO plans as it is a continuous process. 

How an SEO freelancer helps your business. 

1. Keyword Research 

Keyword Research refers to the term that users use to find out information or gather information on the internet. It helps businesses to optimise their content on the web and get ranked on google. 

2. Content Strategy

The strategy which helps your business to improve its position on the web is a content strategy. The content strategy like quality content, and engaging content helps in generating revenue. 

3. Content creation

It is the process where a person generates topic ideas according to the buyer’s journey which includes written and visual content. The content such as blogs, social media posts, videos, and infographics. 

4. Link Building

It is the practice of getting links from other websites which generate authority on your site. 

There are three types of link-building strategies: internal, outgoing links and inbound links. Inbound links are backlinks where quality matters. 

5. Optimised the content.

Checking the google trends and competitor websites the SEO freelancer will write the content which helps businesses to rank on Google. 

6. Optimised the images for SEO.

When the images are not compressed and optimised it slows down the speed of the page and hurts your SEO so optimised the images. 

We, DSK, can help you with all of the above points as we are the best SEO freelancer Services In India. 

How to Determine the Best SEO Services In India.

1. Determine your SEO needs.

The first step to search for an SEO freelancer for your business is to determine the needs of your SEO. If you do not know your needs, how will you tell the freelancer? 

Your SEO needs can be increasing sales, retaining customers, offering existing products or services or increasing your market presence. When you know an SEO goal, an SEO expert can help you in achieving your goal. 

Once you determine the SEO goal and search for freelancers, DSK’s best SEO services in India are there for help. 

2. Search for an SEO freelancer.

Once your SEO requirements are understood, search for an SEO freelancer who can help you with the goal. There are various ways to search for freelancers such as : 

  1. Use search engines like Google to find freelancers as many individuals and agencies have a website presence to attract clients. Additionally, according to your region, you can search for “ SEO freelancer + in your area.”
  2. Use job boards like truelancer, Upwork, freelancer, and Fiverr to search for the right SEO experts.
  3. Use social networks as freelancers are present on social media too because they grab the client with the help of social media. The best social platforms are Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. In the search button  type “SEO freelancer” to get the results. 

3. Check their track record.

Every good SEO freelancer has a track record to prove their knowledge and skills to the client. So it is important to check the track record in the following ways: 

  1. Ask them to send a portfolio.
  2. Visit their website.
  3. Read their reviews on their websites.
  4. Ask for references from past or current clients.

Checking the track record of a freelancer SEO service In India is essential because you do not want your money to get wasted as you are hiring him/her for the results. 

4.  Get a trial project.

After finding out some good SEO freelancers ask them to provide a paid test assignment to check their work and skills. It is the best way to determine the level of expertise of the suitable person you need for your work. 

Inform the freelancer it is a paid assignment test, based on that further decisions will be made. 

5. Interview them 

Once you have made the list of SEO freelancers, the next step is to interview them to understand them in a better way, like how they work, and how they can help you. 

You can take the interview on call or through video call like zoom or google meet. Video calls will be better to understand how they will optimise your site and content and get your business ranked on the web pages.  

Another question you can ask such as What is PageRank and how does it matter? Which SEO tools do you use to check SEO optimization? How many times you will rank my website on google

If SEO experts say it will take 3 to 6 months then that person is honest because it takes time to rank content on websites. But if a person says 1 month or less than 3 months then he/she is not the correct person for SEO. We DSK, the best SEO  freelancer in India can help you with SEO, you can contact me when you need help. 

6. Check their payment system.

Check how much they are taking for their services and what their payment system is. It means how much SEO freelancers are taking in advance and how much they pay after the completion of a project.

You will be wondering why it matters?

It matters for both people to have trust in each other. 

We, DSK the best SEO freelancer in India, provide the following services.  

  • Technical SEO
  • Onpage and off-page SEO.
  • Digital Analysis.
  • Content Research.
  • Link building.
  • Competitor Analysis.

Whenever you need help related to the following services you can contact DSK, the best SEO freelancer In Delhi. 


Optimising your website is essential to bringing traffic and getting more leads, which means more customers and more revenue. DSK, the best SEO freelancer in India, offers SEO services in various places like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Mumbai at various parts of India.

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