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How an SEO Freelancer can help your Business

SEO freelancer

When you want to do shopping or want information about a topic such as digital marketing you will search on google. You will open the top-ranking websites on google and read them to get your answers. Right, so SEO freelancer in India will help you to rank the website on google and search engines.

In this blog, we will discuss how an SEO freelancer can help your business grow.

How an SEO Freelancer can help your business.

When you hire an SEO freelancer in India for ranking your website on google then you will get many other benefits too. All the benefits are explained in detail here.

1. Save your time

Business owners have a lot of work with them so they do not have time for SEO and its strategy. Because SEO is a continuous and long process. It takes time to research, optimize and keep going. With only one piece of content, your website will not rank, it takes 3 to 6 months to rank the content on google. Here SEO freelancers will do the work and save time.

They will do all tasks of search engine optimization from on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical- SEO.

2. Save your money.

When you want to build an SEO professional expert team in a company you need to spend money. The expenses of it will be salaries, software, and equipment. While SEO freelancers will have software and equipment with them which cost you less money for SEO work.

Another benefit SEO does is bring organic traffic to the websites than other strategies such as PPC paid ads etc.

3. They take care of the latest SEO trends.

Google is making SEO updates every day which care business owners can’t take place always. Here, freelance SEO experts in India take care of every update made by Google. Additionally, it will implement changes in content and optimization and SEO strategies. As a result, you will achieve better results and achieve your goal of SEO.

4. It helps you grow for site ranking and traffic.

An SEO expert in Delhi will help you to improve the company website and optimize the content to rank on google. They know what strategies and tools to use to do SEO.

The SEO expert will do the following things.

  • Firstly, to find the right keywords and attract target customers for the company.
  • Secondly, professional SEO will collaborate with web developers to optimize your site design, and the user experience is optimized for search engine crawling.
  • Lastly, they help you increase the possibilities of ranking on search engine pages such as Google and Bing. As content ranks, business gets leads to their business and the business owner earns the revenue.

According to the research, the first page of the SEO has more clicks than PPC ads as people find the google algorithm trustworthy.

5. Create brand awareness.

Do you want to create brand awareness? Then SEO freelancer experts In India will help you. They will use tactics to rank websites on search engines and gain traffic and create brand awareness.

Furthermore, for creating brand awareness you need to hire a content writer who provides valuable and evergreen content. As well as the person who understands SEO.

6. Target customers and the right keywords.

SEO freelancers will understand your target customer and your business goal. Depending on that they will search the keywords and build SEO strategies and attract customers. These will land you in generating revenue and achieving business goals.

Type of Services We DSK offers as SEO freelancers.

There are three types of services that we offer to rank websites or content on search engines.

1. On-page optimization.

The steps an SEO person takes to rank a web page on a search engine comes under this method. It includes writing high-quality content to answer user questions, adding meta tags so bots understand the content, and using HTML tags to highlight the heading. Additionally, other content elements such as images, interlinks, and outer links check whether the content is duplicated or has broken links.

On-page SEO is one of the important types of SEO which affects the website’s ranking and visibility on web pages as said Content is King.

2. Off-Page optimization.

Off-Page SEO refers to the thing you do outside the site to get better results and rank the site on google.

The elements of off-page SEO consider external ranking factors like getting links from trusted sites from the same niche as you, getting good customer reviews, listing in directories, etc.

There are three kinds of link-building techniques that SEO freelancer experts in India apply.

  1. Organic links – These are links for which you don’t need to ask for, you get them on sites with high authority such as news outlets and well-recognized name websites.
  2. Whitehat- It stands for good quality link building.
  3. Blackhat – stands for low-quality link building and spammy.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps in crawling, indexing, and interpreting the web pages on the site for future use. Additionally, you need to insert XML sitemaps, making the site mobile-friendly and add structured data to web crawlers and categorize web pages based on types of content. Without this SEO your content will not rank on Google, it is essential SEO.

It is an SEO that involves on-site auditing and optimizing the technical elements to improve website performance and SERPs. Another important factor of technical SEO is optimized HTML on each page.


1. Why hire SEO freelancers?

An SEO freelancer is a professional who helps you rank the website on search engines. They understand the main keywords to use and know SEO strategies for ranking the websites on search engines.

2. How much does an SEO freelancer cost in India?

The SEO freelancer in India costs Rs 9999 to Rs 25000 per month depending on their services. It is a common pay structure.

3. Where to find an SEO freelancer near me?

You can hire an SEO freelancer from LinkedIn, and Google search. For LinkedIn, you can use the location option or another filter. While in Google through type best SEO freelancer in “near location”.


Having SEO-optimised websites is essential for the business so customers can know about the business. Additionally, it helps in creating a brand image in customers’ minds. Here, SEO freelancers in India will help you through optimizing the websites by understanding the business goal and making a strategy according to it. We, DSK provide A TO Z SEO services at affordable rates.

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